All On 4 Upgrade Options

All On 4 Dental Implants are fitted with an immediate high impact acrylic bridge designed for ultimate aesthetics and function. This bridge is included within the All On 4 costs and may last in some patients for up to 5-8 years before needing replacement, but we often encourage our patients to upgrade to a more durable and long lasting restoration within the first 1-3 years. This upgrade cannot be done at onset as production time would not allow this to be an immediate process, and we still need to verify that the dental implants have successfully integrated after a period of 4-6 months before considering the upgrade. The most common upgrade today is a CAD-milled Zirconia/Porcelain bridge. This bridge offers not only the best aesthetics and durability, but also the best value.

Otherwise, we offer our patients discounted rates for any future replacements or upgrades. The table below illustrates the discount structure that will apply for future All On 4 upgrades:

Upgrade/Restoration Type Standard Fee YOUR REPLACEMENT OR UPGRADE COST (per arch)
PRE-PAID Within 12 Months Within 1-3 Years > 3 Years
A. High Impact Acrylic (with Floating Metal Bar) $5,000 N/A $2,400 $3,600 20% Discount off Standard Fee ^
B. CAD-Milled Titanium Frame with Acrylic Teeth $12,000 $6,600 $7,600 $8,900
C. CAD-Milled Titanium Frame with Individual Porcelain Crowns $22,000 $11,500 $13,600 $16,200
D. CAD-Milled Zirconia/Porcelain/Hybrid $22,000 $11,800 $13,600 $16,200

^ The discount after 3 years applies to the standard fee as at the time of replacement.

The above fees are approximates and were correct at the time of publication. All On 4 prices and the upgrades are subject to change without notice. Terms & Conditions apply.

CAID is currently conducting a follow up study of patients who receive CAD-milled Zirconia/Porcelain bridge (shown as Upgrade/Restoration Type C in the table above), and for a limited time those who agree to participate in the follow-up will be offered this upgrade for an additionally discounted fee of approximately $8,900 per arch.

The advantages of electing to proceed with an upgrade within the 1-3 years, apart from the cost-saving shown above, are as follows:

  • Long-lasting and durable (especially the Zirconia/Porcelain option)
  • The initial set will be stored as a spare. That means that in the event that any adjustments or maintenance is required to your final all on 4 dental implants bridge, you don’t have to be without teeth for any time.

All on 4 maintenance and upgrades costs may be offset by various rebates. As upgrades are typically done at some stage in the future, the annual limits imposed by healthfunds would typically be re-set. For more information about available rebates click here.