Dental Implants Quality Assurance

Centre for Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry is a purpose built dental and surgical facility and has gained both national and international reputation particularly for its innovations and expertise in the ‘All On 4 Plus’ immediate dental implants treatment. Modern and full of fancy equipment, the clinic was designed to merge the various disciplines concerned with dental implants so as to facilitate a truly streamlined process for the patient, whilst at the same time allowing our dentists to work cohesively with our onsite laboratory and closely monitor the fabrication process at every step, thus controlling the quality of the restorations ultimately aiming for optimal aesthetics.

But as with other types of surgery, a cosmetic procedure is not necessarily an aesthetic procedure. In dentistry, patients don’t want the cosmetic procedure of receiving ‘dental implants’, patients want teeth for function and a great smile, …they want an aesthetic result. Aesthetics is embedded in our name and reflects our focus on the end result. But apart from having a state of the art facility with everything in-house, what really turns a cosmetic procedure into an aesthetic procedure is the skill and expertise of the dentist and the dental implants team. Ultimately, what matter to patients most are the end result and the process, and on both those fronts, our facility and experience matters!

Our quality control process includes:

✓   A focus and philosophy that are dedicated to the art and science of smile aesthetics and long term dental health;

✓   Appropriate training and continuing education for staff, both nationally and abroad, to maintain the highest possible standard in terms of infection control, follow-up processes and team approach;

✓   The use of known tested materials and products;

✓   The use of reputable brands of dental implants. The most common brand used in our clinic is Nobel Biocare, which has its roots in the very onset of dental implants research and development;

✓   Professional development of all our dentists, therapists and specialist anaesthetists within their individual areas of practice, both nationally and abroad, thus facilitating the delivery of the high standards of care across the various disciplines;

✓   Team approach and liaison between all our dentists;

✓   Quality control through co-operation with our on-site and supervised monitoring of the fabrication process as required;

✓   Maintaining an elaborate and detailed log of all our dental implants cases

With dental or medical procedure there can be no guarantees of any kind offered as to the overall success of surgical and/or restorative treatment, this includes dental implants. It is therefore of critical importance to select the right clinic and appropriately experienced implantologist to perform your treatment, especially because dental implants cannot be easily undone.

Nevertheless, a warranty may indeed cover certain components of your treatment by a third party. Below is a guide of what might be covered by third parties, subject to certain terms & conditions:

  • Implant Hardware Components: a manufacturers warrantee covers these components for a period of 10 years.
  • Implant Bridge: The laboratory covers the construction of your bridge (replacement teeth) for a period of 2 years. This means that the laboratory will not charge your dentist for any repairs within this period. However, in some cases more than one repair may be an indication that the improvement to the forces of your bite is beyond the tolerance of the material used and an upgrade may be required, subject to the costs below.

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