Dental Implant Prices & Costs

Experience and advances in techniques have had a favourable effect on dental implant costs to the benefit of patients. Dental Implants offer an attractive solution for many of those dealing with the discomfort of dentures, missing or deteriorating teeth. Implant-supported replacement teeth are permanent, look better and unlike older methods, may take only a few days to complete. Many people have been put off getting this treatment due to the traditionally high associated Dental Implants Costs as well the length of time it took to perform. But with new techniques using less fixtures in full set replacement and avoiding, in most cases, bone grafting, costs are no longer prohibitive or exclusive to the rich and famous. The true value, however, is often in the impact it often has on an individual’s quality of life!

Dental implant costs vary depending on a number of factors such as the condition of your jawbone, number of missing teeth to be replaced and the materials used. Bone grafting, temporary teeth and implant surgical guides may be required and these treatments incur additional fees. The Centre For Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry recommends booking a consultation for an accurate assessment and to obtain an individualized cost estimate for your treatment. Please also visit our main website for more information about our fees.

Typical Costs

Replacing an individual or a continuous segment of teeth:

Procedure Approximate Initial Fees Approximate Delayed Fees
Two stage implant supported crown $2,500 per tooth $2,800 per tooth average
Single Immediate implant supported Sinfony (composite resin) crown followed later by a permanent all ceramic crown $3,250 per tooth $2,600 per tooth average
Two implants supporting a 3 unit bridge (replacing 3 adjacent teeth) $4,500 $7,200 average

The above fees are approximates and were correct at the time of publication. Dental implant prices are subject to change without notice.

Full set teeth replacement costs:

When a single tooth is being replaced, the total combined cost of a dental implant crown is approximately $5,300 AUD as shown in the above table. But when a full set of 12 teeth replacement is required, this is most often achieved with an full bridge supported by 4 fixtures. This is known as the “All-On-4′′ procedure, that is, ‘ALL’ teeth ‘ON 4’ dental implants. On average, All On 4 costs $22,500AUD for a full lower teeth replacement and $25,000 for full upper teeth replacement, and is typically achieved within 1-3 days at our Melbourne clinic. Find out more about All On 4 costs.

For information about available rebates that may offset against all on 4 or dental implants prices click here. Otherwise, to find out more about dental implant costs or to book for an obligation-free consultation and an itemized quotation for your individual needs please call 03 8845 5400, email us or visit our Melbourne clinic today.